Valhalla Rules

Valhalla Rules: IMPORTANT rules that you may not expect and that can destroy your base!

1. The Decaytimer on our server is 10 days, by voting for at least 20 days or by donation you can increase it to 45 days.

2. Basebau:

- You may only build within the render range of your Base - less than 10 structures will disintegrate very quickly

- You may build 1 main base per map and own 1 additional water base on a single map.

- On Genesis 2, building is absolutely forbidden in the 4 large main passages between the biomes.

- Beds with "Z-plants" are limited to 10 per map and you may stack a maximum of 8 beds on top of each other.

- The Dino Scan at the transmitter, the Tek-Forge, RPE Gold-Forge and RPE Bank are not allowed to be unlocked to the public.

- Gachas are limited to 6 per tribe per map. If you exceed this limit, you cannot claim/tame any more animals.

- For element farms, a maximum of 10 light animals may be placed outside. It is best to use vivariums for the running of your element farm.

3. Naming:

- In Valhalla Discord, name yourself like your ARK character or the other way round.

- Your character and tribe name must be identical on every map. Exception: the boss map/Galactic Warden for temporary boss alliances.

- Name your teleporter after your tribe and place it only in your own base. Awesome Teleporters require power and can only be placed once per map. Unnamed Awesome Teleporters will be removed.

4. Trading:

- Please give new players time to discover Valhalla for themselves and don't overwhelm them with gifts right at the beginning. Otherwise you will quickly spoil the game for them.

- Animals with mutations may ONLY be sold NEUTERED. Trade in tek-stryders is prohibited.

- The trade of high-value tek items/ blueprints and tek saddles is prohibited. Primitive Tek items may be traded as long as the buyer owns the engram. S+ conversion of tek items for other players is not allowed.

- Boss animal saddles and their blueprints may not be traded above an armour value of 250. The following are considered boss animals: Megatherium, Therizinosaurus, Deinonychus, Rex, Yutyrannus, Magmasaurus, Daeodon/Heal Pig, Woolly Rhino, Dire Bear, Rock Drake.

5. Communication:

- Discord is obligatory on our cluster. If we do not find you in Discord, we assume that you are no longer playing with us and your structures and animals will be removed from the game.

- If you have a problem with ARK, open a ticket in Discord - there is no PN support! All admins "work" here "voluntarily" and should be able to play and have fun here on the cluster just like you.

6. On the Map:

- The landscape must be explorable with ground animals. Please unlock your gates at narrow points so that other players can pass (ideally with auto-close and a notice, e.g. "gates open"). Be considerate of beginners without a flying animal!

- All sap, gas collectors and oil pumps must be unlocked so that anyone can use them. Pro-tip: there are ways to increase your wealth of oil, gas and sap - ask our community!

Typical rules common on PvE clusters

1. Creative circumvention of the rules is prohibited under all circumstances.

2. Cheating, exploiting, bug using, duping is forbidden.

3. At the latest after the second warning, the admins reserve the right to ban individual players or even entire tribes from the cluster for some time or permanently.

4. Losses of animals, structures, items etc. will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

5. You can report rule violations via Discord ticket (screenshots/video would be ideal - duty of proof!). An admin will take care of it.

6. Rule violations can be removed immediately by the admin, e.g. demolition of structures or removal of animals, and lead to a warning and will be punished individually depending on the severity.

7. Character, tribe and animal names, must not be sexist, racist or offensive.

8. We do not tolerate any toxic, offensive, sexist or xenophobic behaviour! Always be correct and keep the chat in a clean, friendly atmosphere.

9. We value friendly community relations and expect you to play fairly. Building in the mesh, killing or looting players, attracting dinos, destroying/raiding and looting other people's bases etc. are forbidden and will lead to you being excluded from our community. We play with each other and not against each other!

10. the minimum age for the Valhalla Cluster is 16 years (corresponds to the FSK of the game ARK - Survival Evolved).

11. Building within sight of a foreign main base is only allowed with the consent of the other tribe. For Valhalla spawn bases, the distance may be less. Please talk to the old established players and take a screenshot of your agreement.

12. Reserving a building spot is undesirable. If you move, put up a sign with the date by which the move is finished.

13. Skybases are not allowed. The "floating ceiling" option is intended for stress-free building.

14. The construction of long water pipes is prohibited. With the S+ Intake you can get water from anywhere.

15. Foundation spam is forbidden. Also in your own base.

16. Keep the maps clean and remove temporary structures such as beds, counting traps, campfires, etc. when you no longer need them.

17. blocking of caves, artefacts, main farm spots, table and bench spots (on Extinction) and egg nests is not allowed. Beaver dams are exempt from this rule.

18. Blocking player spawn points is unwelcome. If you build on spawn points, you must expect that individual structures of your Base will be removed if players are stuck in them.

19. chat language is German and English. Please do not use other languages in public chat.

20. Grabbing other players or foreign animals without permission is not allowed. Hiding/killing foreign animals is an absolute NoGo.

21. Disturbing a taming process is absolutely forbidden.

22. Stealing dino DNA (e.g. from eggs and claimable animals) is strictly forbidden and will result in the loss of all animals in your tribe.

23. Your animals are only allowed to wander within your Base. Aggressive animals outside your Base will be removed from the game without warning.

24. Your animals belong in your base and not in the wild. "Forgotten" animals will be removed from the game without warning.

25. Filled soul traps and cryo pods are a drain on performance. It is best to destroy unnecessary breeding waste immediately.

26. The stacking of animals by "many animals on one mini-spot" is forbidden. Your animals must all be mobile with the ingame whip. Stacked animals will be removed from the game without warning.

27. Two platform trees and three tek shields are allowed per tribe and map.

28. Streaming on the server is only permitted with the permission and approval of the admin team. To do so, open a ticket in Discord.

29. The admins will keep updating the rules.