Season 3 – Steampunk

Welcome to our Season Cluster.

Join us on a journey through the world of Nikola Tesla and Jules Vernes.
Discover with us a world full of gears, water vapor and Tesla coils.
Here you can expect all kinds of adjustments which guarantee a clean gameplay 
and the game motivation is nevertheless not dampened.

Another special during the Season shows up as a dinosaur, the eggs of the Domination Rex will be for players,
which have reached a certain level will be available for building.

On the whole, there is also a goal to achieve during the Season.
In this case it is the building of the Massive Airship, gladly also with a
pretty base, in beautiful steampoint optics.

Special Features of the Season:

Gachas untameable
NO Teleporter
Death Recovery through the Gravestone
Missions trough Kavans Missions
Ingame-shop and currency 
Various customized spawn points (be surprised)
"slightly" adapted recipes

Season 3 – Gewinner

Gewinner der Season 3 ist der Tribe
dieser Tribe war als einziger in der Lage, in der
vorgegebenen Zeit das Luftschiff zu bauen.

Das gesamte Valhalla Team beglückwünscht euch!
Wir hoffen, dass wir euch auch in zukünftigen Seasons
sehen werden.