How can I vote for Valhalla?

Ab 5 Votes pro Karte kommst du in die Punktewertung. Pro Cluster kannst du für 1 Karte voten.
In this case, the vote is for the map RAGNAROK

The points will be added to the trading map at the end of the month. For this you only have to
enter this map once and the points will be credited to you.

Important for us is your username with which you vote, because we take note of it.
For this reason you should use your "ingame" name if possible.
Please also tell us if you want to have the points on the Season or Forever Cluster.
If we can't match your name we will announce the names we can't match in our spontaneous news.
we will call out the names we can't match.

You can vote for our servers under the following links!

Valhalla Cluster