What is the best way to get started?

♦ Think about where you want to build your base and spawn near there. Find a place where you can hopefully survive for two minutes.
(A raft as first base can also be very useful).

♦ Take your starter package with /kit start other starter kits are available on the trade card.

♦ Take your starter pack with the Landdino and the tools and build yourself a small base with a bed, fire, etc.

♦ Secure your base with a few spikes so that you could survive temporarily without a dino in an emergency.

♦ There are "Public Teleporters" all over the map, look for one near your base.

♦ Now level up until you're level 38, you can do that with a wolf pack for example, they don't need saddles.

♦ At level 38 you can make a Pteradon saddle.
Do that and tame & breede yourself some Pteradons for your first flight in Wyvern Canyon.

♦ Steal a Wyvern egg if you can, the best way to do this is with several players.

♦ Hatch the egg with approx. 20 torches and imprint by hand.

Optional: Use your wyverns to tame other dinos and expand your base.

Levle to approx. 75 -> Build a power generator and your own teleporter,
be sure to build a handheld device for the teleporter.
With the handheld device in your inventory, after your death you can get your loot from
of your corpse to teleport to you.

♦ Try to kill a Giga together with other players,
you need the heart to build a nanny.