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Galactic Warden

On this map you will kill strong bosses and get superior loot.

Ark Forum

Here we will offer and set up different events for you.


Both our marketplace with the TC Vault and the animal shelter are located on this small map.

Valguero Map Extension

This mod allows you to play Valguero as it was before the introduction of the wildcard.

Tribute Transfer

Your boss trophies can be made travelable through this mod by putting them in containers and making boss packs.

Structure Plus

Whether structures, production sites, automations, this Quality of Life mod must never be missing.

TC Vault

On the marketplace map you will find the vaults, which contain a constantly updating offer of purchasable items.

RR Gardendeko

Beautiful building, of course, includes beautiful decoration. This mod delights with a rich selection of plants and outdoor decorations.

Dino Storage

Cryopods were yesterday! Today's players prefer Soul Traps.
Additionally, most of the automations are accessible.

Simple Spawners

A very versatile mod that already serves us well in the field of OSDs. In the future, it will also be used for various events.

Tek Plus

Through this mod, various improved Tek variants come into play,
such as armor or the glider.

Krakens Better Dino

Each dino has its right to exist through this mod.
Be it through complete "remaps" as well as through smaller improvements.

Valhalla 2.0 

This is our community mod. More content will be added here over time.

Eco’s Tek Decor

In this mod you will find all sorts of "modern" decoration! Be it pretty holograms, as well as sleeping facilities.


This is the well known "F1" menu, ingame you will find a lot of entries, which inform you about the "correct" playing on Valhalla.

Awesome Spyglass

This is not a normal binocular.
Stats, preferred food & amount are visible from a distance.

Awesome Teleporters

A Modern Way of Moving!
Whether faster into your own base, as well as quickly to the obelisks is not impossible with this mod.

Better Horde

Did you ever have to wait at Veins or OSDs until the last dino was found? This will not happen to you with this QOL mod.

Item+ Companion

Eine Mod die uns hilft in Zukunft Items zu traveln ohne sie in Container packen zu müssen