Valhalla FAQ

1. I have a problem or error, who do I contact ?2021-07-02T23:00:11+02:00

Valhalla is a private server, we do NOT receive a cent from WildCard or Steam. We have no "support" that has to answer you.
The admins who help you do it privately in their spare time and if they don't feel like it anymore there is no help.

Before you can't play anymore we like to help you. Because we know how bitter it is not to be able to continue playing. But we don't want to explain the game to you just because you don't want to look for guides on the internet. If you can't play anymore because of a problem, please open a ticket in the support. If you have to watch "live" how your base is destroyed because of a bug, go immediately to the TS and sit there in the "emergency channel".

If you have questions about the game, please use Google like most adults or politely ask other players ingame for help.
There is NOT reason to contact a CEO or Game Administrator with questions, they are primarily concerned with the root server, not ARK issues. If you need to talk to someone go to a Game Master or the Community Managers. The best thing to do is to open a ticket. They can answer almost all questions and if not, they will pass on your question.

2. I can no longer get in because of mods. It says "Check if the server has the latest mod version installed".2021-07-14T17:13:52+02:00

Please proceed as follows:

1st step: Please check if you have installed all mods from our cluster!

2nd step: Close Steam: Restart Steam after a few seconds, a download should start. If this is not the case,
go to step 3.

3rd step: Deactivate and activate mods: Go to the workshop, see which mod is the last updated, click on it, unsubscribe it.
(evtl briefly wait for the 0kb download) and subscribe to the mod again! A download should start.

3. i can't connect to the server, it says the connection is broken. What can I do?2021-07-02T23:00:38+02:00

Then it did not work on the first try. Just try again.

4. When I want to log in it says "Already authenticated".2021-07-02T23:05:19+02:00

Probably you have just been kicked out of the game and the ARK server hasn't noticed yet,
that you have lost the connection. So it "thinks" you are still online and does not let you log in
log in twice at the same time.

Solution: Just wait between 2 and 5 minutes. Then the server has noticed that you are offline and lets you back on.

5. How do I get the Gold Rank?2021-07-02T23:01:13+02:00

You will get the Gold rank if you have voted for at least 25 days for 3 of our Ark servers on German Ark servers.
You can vote ingame via F1 -> Voting
or directly: https://deutsche-arkserver.de/server/cluster-valhalla-raggi-hx3-xpx3-tx8-bx25.40769/

6. How can I vote? Where can I vote?2021-07-02T23:01:30+02:00

You can vote via our homepage (https://www.gaming-valhalla.com) or the TS, or the Discord in the tab "Server-Info" or ingame via the F1.

This will take you to the page "Deutsche-ARKServer.de“.
There you create an account or log in if an account exists.
Then click on Vote, tick the box -I am not a robot- and click on Submit, the vote is done.
"The account name must be the same as your ingame ARK name OR you must enter the name of your account in Discord, otherwise we cannot assign it.

Please deposit here: https://discord.com/channels/732330360783896587/815300208568959028

You will receive store points for each of the three servers per cluster and therefore you should always vote for all of them.
The votes will be counted at the end of the month and then paid out in the Vault on the marketplace map, so you can use the points in the store right away.

7. How do I see how many votes I have?2021-07-02T23:01:42+02:00

On the same page where you have already voted, you can vote on the respective server,
see the "Top Voters" tab in the upper right corner.
By clicking on it you will see how many votes you have already cast for the server. 

8. How do I get my Starter Kit?2021-07-02T23:01:55+02:00

The easiest way is to travel to the marketplace map for your starter kit.
There you spawn at Beach 3 and go into the building at one of the Vault's that hang there.
Use the radial menu to select Reward Menu, then the store window will open.
Here you can click on Starter Kits and select the starter kit, by clicking on Purchase
at the bottom right you have "bought" it and now you can find it in the inventory of the Vault, where you can take it out and use it.

Have fun and success with it.

9. How can I travel to another server?2021-07-02T23:02:08+02:00

To travel to another server you can go to one of the Obelisks (Ark), a Supply
Drop or a transmitter (must be set to public).
There you click on -Travel to another server- in the window that opens you select a server and click on
a server and then click on -Join survivors-.
There will be a loading screen, after that you can select a spawn region
and spawn on the map you selected.

10. I have to go on vacation, what do I do now?2021-07-02T23:02:19+02:00

To do this, open a Leave of Absence ticket and tell us the duration of your leave, the name of your Tribe and on which cards you have a Base.

11. My base is gone?! What happened2021-07-02T23:02:32+02:00

1. First check if you are on the right server. We often have two clusters running, the Valhalla Cluster & the Season Valhalla Cluster.
Press the "ESC" key ingame and read the server name you are currently on.

2. If you are on the right server open your tribe log with "L" and read what it says. If you were offline too long, your base will disintegrate.
In the tribelog it says "Decay". If an admin shot down your base, you will see the name of the admin and what he destroyed.
If these answers don't help you, please open a ticket in the Discord.

You can find the link to the Discord ingame under F1.

12. My children who grew up suddenly all died! What was going on?2021-07-03T02:48:31+02:00

If you have a nanny standing: Nanny stehen hast:

1. check if the nanny is activated/ the same goes for the feeding trough.

2. check if the nanny has enough food and the right food in the inventory.

3. check if the nanny is in the generator range

4. check if the nanny puts food into the dino the first time she feeds it! (sometimes the nanny bugs around)

If you don't have a nanny yet, your dino baby is probably starving.
Gachas basically starve if you go outside the render range as long as they are under 10%.

13. I' ve found a great mod here!...2021-07-02T23:03:02+02:00

We only accept mod suggestions for Season servers.
We always first test new mods (if possible) on the Season and if it worked well there
we will see further.

You can post your suggestion in Discord in the Season section.

14. I' ve earned a title, how does it become visible in the chat?2021-07-02T23:37:49+02:00

In order for your title to be visible in the chat, please post a ticket telling us what title you are "requesting",
with a screenshot as proof, your Steam ID and the Steam IDs of all your tribemembers who are involved.

If you already have a title, tell us which one you want removed.
After that an admin will take care of the ticket.

15. Where can I find the extra hard bosses with the super loot?2021-07-02T23:40:36+02:00

Travel to the Galactic Warden (GW) map and go to the Obi there and summon the bosses as usual.
But be careful! On the Valhalla GW only 10 players and 10 dinos are ported to the boss.
On the Season it is often set differently.
Please read under F1 or Discord.

16. After the server restart my whole inventory is gone?2021-07-02T23:47:28+02:00

This happens quite often! When the shutdown countdown starts, you should NOT travel and be
NOT travel and not be in a mission when the timer expires, because otherwise you will lose your
inventory, character and dinos.

Normally a server should make a save when shutting down, but due to a chain of unfavorable
unfavorable circumstances, however, it can be that he swallowed at this point.

17. What should I do if Ark is always so mean to me?2021-07-02T23:51:07+02:00
Nach oben