What is Galactic Warden?!?

The Galactic Warden is a unique map created specifically for the needs of the Valhalla Cluster.

If you were successful on the "normal" maps and are now looking for a greater challenge, this is the map for you.
Because here there are "Extra Hard" Bosses who want to send you to nirvana with pleasure.
Only a few dare this adventure...

To all those who still want to try, defeat the bosses on the map beckons with successful deed an entry in the respective Hall of Fame
and a lot of good loot, which can be found in this cluster, in this quality & quantity only here on the Galactic Warden.

The bosses on this map have the following difficulties and resistances:
-Megapithecus Dmg 9x Resi 4x
-Brothmother Dmg 5x Resi 3x
-Crystal Queen Dmg 12x Resi 5x
-Dragon Dmg 8x Resi 4x

Info: Auf der Bossmap sind gewisse Dinos gesperrt, diese seht ihr sobald ihr der Karte beitretet.

A special thank you goes to the modding team at this point Arkaley, who have created this beautiful map for us
and are available at any time, as soon as there should be any problems!