How do I get Tek?

♦ You need a High Level Wyvern and two other players with a High Level Wyvern.
(It also works alone, but that's no fun).

♦ Go to Extinction and farm all artifacts and trophies to summon a Titan.

♦ Summon the first Titan and kill it with the Wyvern.
(See also YouTube)

♦ Do the same with the other two Titans.

♦ You now have the most important Tek engrams.

♦ Get some Element from Genesis or Extinction.
(On this server you can never have enough element and trade with element almost everything).

♦ Farm BPs for the first Boss Fights.

♦ Make your first alliances and breed for the first boss fights.

♦ Place the bosses on the "normal cards" especially the ALPHA Dragon, you need the engram "Mutator" from him.