Valhalla is a private server, we do NOT receive a cent from WildCard or Steam. We have no "support" that has to answer you.
The admins who help you do it privately in their spare time and if they don't feel like it anymore there is no help.

Before you can't play anymore we like to help you. Because we know how bitter it is not to be able to continue playing. But we don't want to explain the game to you just because you don't want to look for guides on the internet. If you can't play anymore because of a problem, please open a ticket in the support. If you have to watch "live" how your base is destroyed because of a bug, go immediately to the TS and sit there in the "emergency channel".

If you have questions about the game, please use Google like most adults or politely ask other players ingame for help.
There is NOT reason to contact a CEO or Game Administrator with questions, they are primarily concerned with the root server, not ARK issues. If you need to talk to someone go to a Game Master or the Community Managers. The best thing to do is to open a ticket. They can answer almost all questions and if not, they will pass on your question.