Our Mods

As already mentioned, the exact mod selection is extremely
important for a clean gameplay.

If you want to have a server's own community mod,
it MUST be from a good modder.

Through our team, we searched and found contact with Hulk.
Most will know him, but for those who don't:

Hulk is the developer of all the HG mods you can find in Ark Workshop.
His huge know-how ranges from admin tools, stacking mods,
structures to "Quality of Life" mods.
Hulk stands in the German modding scene for quality high standards,
error free mods and fast updates!

We thank Hulk that he decided to work with the Valhalla Team
 to work together.

If you want to learn more about Hulk and his mods,
feel free to check out his Steam Workshop and Discord.
Feel free to leave him a like on his workshop page, always remember
Support doesn't Kill you!

Hulk Workshop
Hulk Discord