What is the season cluster?

Welcome to our season cluster,
here is a short explanation what a season-server is,
after that a few more important information!

A season server usually has a limited duration, the duration of this season corresponds to 3 months,
after that, the cluster will be shut down again. But do not panic, ALL who would like to continue playing with us,
haben die Möglichkeit ab zwei Wochen vor Ablauf der Zeit all ihr Hab und Gut auf den Forever Cluster
zu transferieren.
Im Großen und Ganzen ist diese Season ein genauer Klon von unserem Forever Cluster, damit müsst ihr
euch an nix neues gewöhnen, wenn ihr von der Season auf den Forever Cluster “umzieht”.
Only in the rules and the mods the Season differs, here is a small list.

♦ Amount of Gachas 4 (6 auf dem Forever)
♦ The CKF mod is in favor of the performance only on the trade map
♦ The TC Vault receives other purchasable goods every few weeks
♦ The bosses on the Galactic Warden must be defeated with 4 players / 6 dinos (10/10 auf dem Forever)
♦ Mutators you have unlocked 2 for mutating (3 auf dem Forever)
♦ Rockdrake and Wyverne eggs are disabled on Extinction (aktiviert auf dem Forever)