What is the season cluster?

Welcome to our season-cluster,
here is a short explanation what a season-server is,
after that a few more important information!

A season server usually has a limited duration, the duration of most season corresponds to 2 months,
after that, the cluster will be shut down again. But do not panic, ALL who would like to continue playing with us,
have the possibility from two weeks before the expiry of the time their belongings on the Valhalla Cluster
unless they are moditems / -dinos that do not exist on the Valhalla Cluster or the rates
on the season are boosted to much.

Each season has a different mod concept, which can be combined with your mod suggestions.
Created and compiled by our team.

In addition, almost every season has certain goals that can be fulfilled
to get rewards,which you can travel to the
By some goals you also get an entry in our Season Hall of Fame,
which is of course also kept up to date.