Valhalla rules:
First of all, you should keep in mind that you should not write directly to the team.
If you still have questions you can ask in the general chat or create a ticket.

General rules:
Creative circumvention of any rules is prohibited.
1.) Cluster chat language is English & German. Please do not use other languages in Global Chat.

2.) No flaming, insulting. Keep the chat in a clean tone

3.) Cheaten/Exploiten/BugUsen/Dupen ist verboten – Wer Fehler findet soll diese bitte melden! Wer zum töten der EventBosse auf der Eventmap betrügt, wird unter allen Umständen gebannt.

4.) Losses of animals, structures, items etc. will not be refunded. (Also not in the case of server crash or other technical problems!)

5.) The decision of a Valhalla team member must be followed at all times.

6.) Rule violations please report via Discord via ticket (screenshots + video would be ideal - burden of proof!). It will take care of an admin!

8.) Owned dinos belong in Base and not e.g. at the obelisk. Masterless dinos will be killed without warning or taken to the shelter.

8a) Highly bred dinos, e.g. for Boss Raids, may only be sold or bought "neutered" (supplementary rule 8b.). (Unneutered ones will otherwise be removed).

9) The minimum age on the server corresponds to the FSK of the game ARK, i.e. the minimum age for the Valhalla Cluster is 16 years.

10.) It is allowed to stream on the server only after agreement and with the consent of the admins.

11.) The theft of dino DNA (something like eggs and unclaimed dinos) is strictly prohibited and will result in the entire breeding line of the stolen dinos being killed

12.) Discord is mandatory on our server!
As soon as you enter our Discord and leave it again at some point, we assume that you will stop playing with us. With this your base is released for demolition. And since we can't write to you anymore, this will also happen.

13) We attach importance to a friendly cooperation. Therefore we expect all players to play fair. Things like building in the mesh, killing or looting players, luring dinos into bases, destroying/raiding other people's bases and looting are not allowed and will lead to exclusion from our community. We gamble with each other and not against each other!

14) To prevent excessive hoarding of souls/cryos, you may only have a maximum of 3000 filled souls and 1000 filled cryos PER map.

15.) The admins will keep revising the rules.

Behavior on the cluster:
1.) The character name & the tribe name must be identical on each map.

2.) Character names, tribe names and dino names that are sexist, racist or offensive are forbidden.

3.) Grabbing other players or player dinos without permission is not allowed. Hiding / killing the dinos is an absolute ban.

4.) Disturbing a tame process is not tolerated, hurting a stunned dino is absolutely forbidden.

5.) Dinos are only allowed to wander in their own Base. Aggressive Dinos outside Base will be removed from the game without warning.

6) If you breed many animals, you are responsible for ensuring that the eggs/unclaimed babies are not accessible to other players (keyword: DNA theft, is forbidden anyway!). In case of violations we will destroy all animals of the respective tribe without warning and possibly warn or ban the owners.
6b) When breeding/hatching, you may drop a maximum of 5 eggs at once (i.e. drop 5 eggs - wait until they are hatched, claimed and "bagged" - drop the next 5 eggs - and so on and so forth).

7) BOSS battles: Boss battles may ONLY be started on Ragnarok and Fjordur at the public boss teleporters (Ragnarok: in the desert, Fjordur: in Asgard). Building and staying here is at your own risk!

8) It is not allowed to interfere in boss fights without being asked.

General building rules:
1) Stacking dinos into each other by "growing many dinos in a mini spot" is forbidden. The polygon clump mush of dinos causes serverlaggs.

>>The dinos must all be movable with the "ingame whip".<< Stacked, clumped dinos will be removed without notice.

2.) Blocking caves, artifacts, main farm spots, table and bench spots (on Extinction), and egg nests is not allowed. (Beaver dams are excluded from this rule).

3.) Temporary structures (= anything outside Base) e.g. taming pens, teleporters, fish traps, beds in the wilderness are to be removed immediately after use.

4.) Taps, oil pumps and gas collectors must be unlocked so that anyone can access them!
4b) Sonderfunktionen von Tek Strukturen oder Strukturen die im Shop gekauft werden müssen dürfen nicht öffentlich zugänglich machen! (z.B. Tek Forge / Gold Forge / Bank entsperren oder Transmitter auf öffentlichen Dino Scan)

5.) Blocking player spawn points is undesirable! (Bases that are affected must expect structures to be removed if players are stuck in them).

6) 1 main base on each map, but only 1 additional water base on one map (regardless of whether main bases have water connections).

7.) Base size: from the center of Base, all structures must be within rendering range. Otherwise the base is too big!

8.) Building within sight of the MAIN BASE is allowed only with the consent of another tribe. For secondary bases, the distance may be smaller. Please talk to each other and take a screenshot of the agreement.

9.) Base reservation is allowed for 48h only for the purpose of relocation. There MUST be one or more clearly visible sign(s) at both base spots with a "moving" and "date and time" notice. If you have any problems with the move or need help, please open a ticket and we will know.

10.) Please leave your gates unlocked (with auto close) in narrow places and write a "sign" e.g. "gates open".And remember, a player must also be able to pass with a giga.

11.) Skybases are prohibited. The "floating ceiling" option is intended for stress-free building

12.) The construction of long water pipes is prohibited, with the S+ Intake water can be obtained from anywhere.

13.) Please name teleporters after your tribe and place them only in your own bases. Awesome Teleporters need power and can be placed once per map.

14.) A maximum of 6 gachas are allowed to produce AND breed, per map per tribe.

15.) For Gacha farms, a maximum of 10 plots with "Z plants" may be created. More Z plots put unnecessary strain on the servers. Grow Y-traps as an alternative.

16.) Crop Plots may be stacked max 8 on top of each other

17.) Only 2 platform trees are allowed per Tribe AND map!

18) Foundation spam is forbidden. EVEN in your own base.

Rule Breaking:
1.) Rule violations are punished individually depending on their gravity.

2.) If this is not possible, because e.g. your discord name is completely different and we can't reach you ingame, then we solve the problems with e.g. the complete demolition of the base.
-> Please call yourselves in Discord like in ARK or vice versa.

3.) the admins reserve the right to ban individual players or even entire tribe's from the cluster for some time or permanently.

4.) Rule violations can be removed immediately by the admin, e.g. demolition of structures like tamingpens in / structures at the spawn / addition of public places (caves, resource spawns) or removal of animals. -> Warnings will be given additionally.